Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Tips for 2017 Pass outs and final year students

2015 and 2016 has not ended but few lakhs of students has already passed out from the colleges. Some got placed & many are waiting for an interview call. This year has been a dry year in terms of recruitment with companies having not many projects & clients looking at cost cuttings.
But within a year from now a few more lakhs of students will be coming out of the college and you could be one of them. The only thing which a final year students would be worried of is his placement & future.
We get queries from the 2017 job aspirants every day like the following,
What is the best thing to do in the final year to get easily placed?

How to get an Internship in a MNC?
Should I learn Java or .Net & which coaching institute is better?
Are there any placement agencies for recruitment? So on & so forth!!
We see many are enthusiastic enough to get a job,but that’s not the only thing required to get placed. Working hard in a wrong direction wont yield any results & this article is specifically written to let the current final year grads know about how to make the most of the available time.
As you are aware of the recruitment pattern, any company would see only three things Aptitude,tech skills & attitude/Comm skills of a candidate. Keeping these in all mind , the current final year grads have to work to equip themselves with the aforementioned skills.

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 Here is what you can do in the next one year,
1.As said Aptitude is the first thing which the employer looks at & no wonder it is the first elimination round in any interview process. Aptitude in general is a measure of Quick learning & you can show that by solving mathematical,analytical problems. Start preparing for the aptitude round right from now. Spend more than 50% of the time on this else you might regret for not doing so.

2. At the end its all about the technology & yes, it is the next round in the interview process. Please don’t waste your time by learning random technologies for months & years which you cant put to use. No employer is interested in the bookish knowledge a student has,rather they would be excited to see any implementations(Projects) with the learned things.

Don’t waste your valuable time making rounds around coaching institutes to learn core java,advance java,ejb,web services,.Net etc etc. It will take years for you to learn and master them.

No big MNC would give an advertisement saying that they need Java freshers/.Net freshers or some thing like that. They just need freshers whom they can train on & rely on & so, all they expect from you is hell lot of enthusiasm & passion to learn. That can be shown if you know if the basic C/C++/Java and if you can answer all the questions from your first year subjects,you have high probability of cracking an Interview.

So do some good project in the final sem, prat ice coding & master it. Don’t wait for an Internship advertisement/bang your head if you don’t get one. Try yourself to solve a problem around you with the technology you know & guess what that would work wonders.

Be aware of the latest technologies like Cloud,Android & Big Data, also see if you can implement a project on one of these.

3. Now if you are good at aptitude & technology, there is one final thing which decides your fate i.e communication skills/soft skills. Like the rest two this is completely a different thing & being good at this would take a lot of effort. Simple things to start with are like reading newspaper every day(We suggest The Hindu), read novels , articles in famous business & technology magazines , listen to English news daily. Participate in mock group discussions & do brain storming on some common problems.
Well when you are good at the above three We don’t think there would be any one with out a job.


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