Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How to Identify Original Rs.2000 Indian currency from fake currency?

Hi friends, as ₹2000 Indian currency has been released by RBI.
We have to note some features to keep us safe from fake currency

These are the things you can check in the ₹2000
  1. In the Right most you can see our Gandhi Mirror Image with 2000 number by the side of him
  2. Next the letter RBI over the middle picture of Gandhi
  3. Number 2000 above the serial number
  4. Next 2K below
  5. And Black lines on both sides of the currency
  6. Then you can see 2000 here
  7. Now here you can see in half reflection the ₹2000, its for blind people
  8. In front side you can see a green stripe back side of the green stripe you can see the RBI and 2000 written in small
By noticing these many features you can differentiate original from fake currency.

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