Saturday, July 30, 2016

Steps to Hide files or make file Invisible in the Windows system

Hey you are looking for the best and simplest method to hide files from others. I think these methods will suite best for you. Here we are not going to use any software or high level encryption. These methods are simple for Home user.

Let me start with basic hiding technique.

How to make files Hidden or Invisible in the Windows system

Invisible Folder:

Select the folder you want to make invisible.

Right click and select Rename.

Now by Pressing Alt key, type 0160. (ALT+0160) And press enter.
invisible folder

Wow the name is gone now*.

Now we will see how to hide icon of the folder.

 Again Right click and select Properties now.

Select Customization Tab and then select change icon.
invisible folder

Now scroll right side and find hidden icon on the last before column. Select it and hit Enter.

Then Apply and OK.

Superb, now you successfully  made the folder Invisible.

Note: Someone may accidentally may click this, as the file is not hidden.  
*Keep the folder view as Medium for best output.

Hide Files/Folder:

Using Windows GUI:

Select the folder you want to make invisible.
    Right click and select Properties
      Check Hidden attributes and click Apply.
        Hide file

        Confirm Attribute Changes dialog appear.
          Select whatever you feel is best**.

          Now select OK.

          **(Apply to this folder only == Best, Less time, Apply to this folder & all sub folder == Best but time consuming, as it takes some time to effect based on the folder size.)

            partially hidden

            The File is partially hidden and now to hide fully follow the below steps.

            Select View in the tool bar above.

            Click on Option and then select Change Folder and search option.

            Folder option dialog box 
            opens and now select view tab.
            Scroll down and select Show hidden files.
              hidden file

              Select Hide empty drives, Hide extensions, Hide Folder merge conflicts, Hide protected OS files.

              Click Apply and then OK.
                Now the file/folder is hidden totally.

                Using Command Prompt:

                Now let me explain the same output with a simple code in command prompt.

                • First click on Start and then Run (Alternatively use Windows + R Key).
                • Now type cmd and hit Enter key.
                • Command Prompt opens. Now type the following code
                hide file using attrib command

                attrib +s +h +a +r /s /d h:/filename.filetype
                //Replace the drive name "h" with your drive //
                • Now hit Enter and the file will be hidden.

                COMBINE METHODS:

                When you combine methods the result will always be awesome and safest.

                First do the INVISIBLE FOLDER method and proceed with HIDE FILES/FOLDER (Using Windows GUI).
                *Images are from my old blog which is removed.

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