Sunday, May 01, 2016

Remove shortcut virus in USB Manually without software and Recovery files

Most of us were struggling with the shortcut virus in our pen drives, where we store all our important files from basic images to top level project files. Whenever we face this problem most of you first tend to scan with antivirus which wont work. Then we search some software tools from online to resolve the problem which is time and internet data consuming. Instead of this you follow the below methods. 

Let me clearly explain how to remove shortcut virus manually in Traditional way and my way.

How to Remove shortcut virus in USB and Recover the files?

Method 1:

  • First click on Start and then Run (Alternatively use Windows + R Key).
  • Now type cmd and hit Enter key.
  • Command Prompt opens. Now type the following code

attrib -s -h -a -r /s /d h:*.*
//Replace the drive name "h" with your affect pen drive or external hard disk name//

  • Now hit Enter and you will see the shortcut virus is removed.

Method 2:

Any of our friends will be using LINUX operating system go to their home insert your affect drive in their system. It reverses the process done by Virus. As exe files do not run on this Operating system.
If this method did not work means you can try the below method.

Method 3:

  • Open My Computer / This PC.
  • Select View in the tool bar above.
  • Click on Option and then select Change Folder and search option.
  • Folder option dialog box opens and now select view tab.
  • Scroll down and select Show hidden files.
  • Deselect Hide empty drives, Hide extensions, Hide Folder merge conflicts, Hide protected OS files.
  • Click Apply and then OK.

  • Open the affect drive and select the folder without name. Here you find files which had been hidden.
  • CUT all the files and folder and PASTE it where you need.
  • Delete the files such as desktop.ini , indexer volume and scrambled letters file. (use SHIFT+Delete)

Method 4: 
(not recommended as it is slow time consuming rather you can try Method 1 or Method 3)

  • Open the affect drive.
  • In the PC URL type the Shortcut Folder Name. 
  • Remove .ink in the end and hit enter.
  • There you can find all the files you need inside that folder.
  • CUT all the files and folder and PASTE it where you need.
  • Repeat the same process for all Folder.

I hope these methods are enough to recovery files from shortcut virus. If you find any doubt or new method describe it in the comment section.
*Images are from my old blog which is removed.