Saturday, April 30, 2016

Type Indian Rupee Sign using any Keyboard for Windows and Mac Users

We have Rupee Sign in our keyboard and wondered how to use it, in our works. While others need it so much that they had to use in their documentation, billing and many things. I have explained the methods as simple as I can.

Following are the steps you can follow to type the Rupee ₹ anywhere as u need.

There are two methods to type ₹ symbol in your work.
  1. Without Language Update
  2. With Language Update

Without Language Update:

This method can be used in Microsoft Word and Word Pad alone. This works on Unicode characters.

Type 20B9
Press Alt+x  to display the symbol


Press Alt+8377 to display the symbol

*Alt mentioned here is Left Alt key
*Both these ways are not applicable for browsers.

With Language Update:

This method can be used anywhere in your system. For Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server, the Microsoft had released update on May 2011 to support Rupee sign.

For Windows 8 users:

  • Go to the Language Preference (can be found in bottom right corner near Time and Date)
  • Select on Add a Language.
  • Select English and scroll down

  • Select English(India).
  • Hit on Add button. The Indian version of English Language will be added to your system.

Press Right Alt+4


Press Ctrl+Alt+4

*Ctrl+Alt+4 here Ctrl is Right Ctrl or CtrlGr and Alt is Left Alt.


"iOS and Mac OS X Lion symbol can be found in Character viewer"

For Mac OS X Mountain Lion symbol can follow as:

Use Devanagari keyboard.

Type Option/Alt+4.


Indian Rupee Sign was designed by D.Udaya Kumar. This symbol looks like Devanagari Script "₹" ("ra").  The design was chosen from a public competition among Indian Residents by Government of India.

The Old Rupee Sign ₨ can be typed by following the below steps:

Type 20A8

Press Alt+x to display the Symbol.
*Images are from my old blog which is removed.

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