Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Set of Question for final round of Interview - TCS, IBM, INFOSYS, CTS, WIPRO

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. What is Kernel mode and User mode.
3. OSI layers in Network model and functions of each layer.
4. Difference between Router, Hub and Switch.
5. Difference between DBMS and RDBMS.
6. Normalization, Normal forms and significance of Normalization.
7. Different types of keys in Database.
8. DDL and DML commands.
9. Role of DBA.
10. One SQL query (very easy).
11. Different types of Operating systems.
12. What is Object Oriented DBMS.
13. About my Internship project.
14. Database connection code in Spring MVC frame work. (From my internship)
15. What is your role in Internship project. (Be prepare with this)
16. Swap two variables using function
17. Call by reference and call by value
18. Where we use call by ref and call by value?
19. What is array?
20. What are different data types in c?
21. What is difference between float and int?
22. What is diffrence between c and c++?
23. Tell me features or properties of oop?
24. What is pointer, function pointer, volatile variables?
25. Your strengths and weaknesses.
26. Short term and Long term goal.
27. Where do you see yourself after five years?
28. Why should I hire you?
29. Are you willing to work any where in India?
30. Are you willing to work in night shifts?
31. Do you know about TCS bond.
32. What will be the output of the following?
int i=5; i=i++ + i++ + i++ + i++ + i++;
i=++i + ++i + ++i + ++i + ++i ;
printf("%d, i);

33.Project explanation
34.Whats primary key
35.Whats foreign key
36.Write and show me querry of projects
37.Cpp polymorphism
38.Virtual object

39.What is class
41.Resume subject of interest questions
42.Implement os in kernel space And explain
43.Exp architecture of monitor
44.Steps that takes place from boot to startup
45.Diff between XML and HTML
46.What a Kernel
47.Why it used
48.Types of OS

For PG candidate:
1) Tell me about urself.
2) Why you joined M.Tech/M.E?
3) What are the subjects in M.Tech/M.E?
4) What difference you find in M.Tech
/M.E and B-Tech?
5) Why there is 1year gap between B-Tech and M.Tech/M.E?
In my application I kept I know C, Java, sql & pl/sql?
6) What are datastructures?
7) What are collections in java?
8) What is stored procedure?
9) He asked about my project and I explained him he asked questions in that for about 10mins?
10) What are the technologies you learnt?
11) What are exceptions in java?
12) What is sdlc lifecycle?
13) What is rdbms. And mention some softwares you use for rdbms?
14) What are innerjoins and outerjoins?