Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How to Identify Original Rs.2000 Indian currency from fake currency?

Hi friends, as ₹2000 Indian currency has been released by RBI.
We have to note some features to keep us safe from fake currency

These are the things you can check in the ₹2000
  1. In the Right most you can see our Gandhi Mirror Image with 2000 number by the side of him
  2. Next the letter RBI over the middle picture of Gandhi
  3. Number 2000 above the serial number
  4. Next 2K below
  5. And Black lines on both sides of the currency
  6. Then you can see 2000 here
  7. Now here you can see in half reflection the ₹2000, its for blind people
  8. In front side you can see a green stripe back side of the green stripe you can see the RBI and 2000 written in small
By noticing these many features you can differentiate original from fake currency.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Internet hold the key to boost India’s education level and employment rate

The latest and biggest concern amount the youth in our country is Wi-Fi, reports of children studying in big cities refusing to go back to their villages because of not having a Wi-Fi connection are a big concern and with reports of Delhi getting a city wide Wi-Fi connection a real possibility the use of the internet for the development of the country should follow.

The internet is already boosting education and development with many schools already using "smart boards" instead of the same old dusty chalk powder covered blackboards. Skype tuition is also a new trend as traffic had made moving through metropolitan cities nearly impossible.

With India‘s GDP predicted to rise the number of job opportunities should rise with it .India turns out over 10 million graduates a year and yet fifteen percent of these job seekers still struggle while seeking a job .This means that they are forced to move out of the country in search for jobs this causes a serious problem of "brain drain" in our country .Weather or not the so called brain drain is due to a lack or jobs or a lack of awareness is debatable.

When Neuvoo launched in India within weeks the website went viral with lakhs of users using it .With India‘s internet speeds rising more and more jobs are being found online. Neuvoo works similarly to a google search, the user simply enters the location and the category of jobs he would like to search for and lakhs of results appear instantly, the best part is the users do not pay for the service. Neuvoo is based out of Canada and Switzerland but has a small sales force in India and recently the company has been registered in India.

Image source :India Times

The process of using the app is very simple, simply enter the sector, finance or marketing or tourism, then the location and click search.
With India being the second largest market for smart phone users in the world after China, the Neuvoo smartphone app makes it easy and simple for people to search for jobs .Now even people living in rural parts of India have access to jobs not only in the country but all over the world. With India’s cheapest smartphones starting from a price of around a hundred Rupees or approximately 2 dollars and a regular "pay as you go” internet connection soon employment should be within everyone’s reach. Over forty percent of India‘s population works in the primary sector even more so in states like Bihar and Punjab. Within this sector most of the employment is in sustenance farming where most crops grown are consumed by the family cultivating them, this leaves little space for economic progress, websites like this along with E-books and online classes could hold the key to India‘s progress.

Image source: India today

The so called "normal places" for Indians to work like the Dubai or the U.S will soon become a thing of the past with more people being informed about employment opportunities all over the world.

A few years ago the government started schemes like giving bicycles and a meal or two a day to children in order to encourage them to come to school, maybe it is time to update the scheme and add an internet connection to schools in rural areas, the possibilities are endless, instant updating of books every year, learning out of the syllabus and even finding employment.

Children in Nigeria are already using the internet to download E-books making learning easier, which has not seemed to have happened in India of late, with the government still having children buy a large number of books at the beginning of the school year .Having children use the internet from a young age could enable them to find their own opportunities. Learning through the internet using presentations and videos can also help children‘s visual learning as well as work as an Eco-friendly alternative to books.

It not only helps people looking for jobs but also small business looking to hire new talent, Neuvoo directly indexes companies to its webpage and this is far more economical than having to post a job advertisement on a job board which charge a high fee for postings whereas job aggregates like Neuvoo charge a pay per click which can be far more economical for smaller companies.

People who have little access to employment in their own country can search for alternatives in neighboring countries or across the globe should they please. An increase in employment levels being one of the key goals of the government today, websites like Neuvoo could hold the answer.

The “make in India” campaign is making headlines all over the country ,making in India will also require a large amount of man power which the country has with no doubt but the problem could however be in getting the message to the thousands who lack employment .
If you are a student looking for a job please click here: Neuvoo

Article by Manvendra Kikkeri 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Dipa karmarkar Final Vault performance at Olympics

The 22-year-old, Dipa Karmakar from Tripura lived to fight another day when she became the first Indian to qualify for the Individual vault finals in Gymnastics.

Dipa's achievement is huge. No Indian woman before her had qualified for a Gymnastics event at the Olympics. She gave her best performance final vault and got a score of 15.066 and ranked 4th.

Second attempt of Produnova landing was not right otherwise she would won a silver or bronze medal.

For full view you can view in our facebook page

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Dipa Karmakar qualified to Finals in Vault at Rio 2016

The 22-year-old, Dipa Karmakar from Tripura lived to fight another day when she became the first Indian to qualify for the Individual vault finals in Gymnastics.

Dipa's achievement is huge. No Indian woman before her had qualified for a Gymnastics event at the Olympics. But now, Dipa has a chance to win a medal at Rio.

Finals Video can be seen at

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Steps to Hide files or make file Invisible in the Windows system

Hey you are looking for the best and simplest method to hide files from others. I think these methods will suite best for you. Here we are not going to use any software or high level encryption. These methods are simple for Home user.

Let me start with basic hiding technique.

How to make files Hidden or Invisible in the Windows system

Invisible Folder:

Select the folder you want to make invisible.

Right click and select Rename.

Now by Pressing Alt key, type 0160. (ALT+0160) And press enter.
invisible folder

Wow the name is gone now*.

Now we will see how to hide icon of the folder.

 Again Right click and select Properties now.

Select Customization Tab and then select change icon.
invisible folder

Now scroll right side and find hidden icon on the last before column. Select it and hit Enter.

Then Apply and OK.

Superb, now you successfully  made the folder Invisible.

Note: Someone may accidentally may click this, as the file is not hidden.  
*Keep the folder view as Medium for best output.

Hide Files/Folder:

Using Windows GUI:

Select the folder you want to make invisible.
    Right click and select Properties
      Check Hidden attributes and click Apply.
        Hide file

        Confirm Attribute Changes dialog appear.
          Select whatever you feel is best**.

          Now select OK.

          **(Apply to this folder only == Best, Less time, Apply to this folder & all sub folder == Best but time consuming, as it takes some time to effect based on the folder size.)

            partially hidden

            The File is partially hidden and now to hide fully follow the below steps.

            Select View in the tool bar above.

            Click on Option and then select Change Folder and search option.

            Folder option dialog box 
            opens and now select view tab.
            Scroll down and select Show hidden files.
              hidden file

              Select Hide empty drives, Hide extensions, Hide Folder merge conflicts, Hide protected OS files.

              Click Apply and then OK.
                Now the file/folder is hidden totally.

                Using Command Prompt:

                Now let me explain the same output with a simple code in command prompt.

                • First click on Start and then Run (Alternatively use Windows + R Key).
                • Now type cmd and hit Enter key.
                • Command Prompt opens. Now type the following code
                hide file using attrib command

                attrib +s +h +a +r /s /d h:/filename.filetype
                //Replace the drive name "h" with your drive //
                • Now hit Enter and the file will be hidden.

                COMBINE METHODS:

                When you combine methods the result will always be awesome and safest.

                First do the INVISIBLE FOLDER method and proceed with HIDE FILES/FOLDER (Using Windows GUI).
                *Images are from my old blog which is removed.

                Monday, July 18, 2016

                BlueHost India 30% offer Hosting Discount with Free Domain

                Updated: October 3,2016

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                Friday, June 10, 2016

                Google Apps Voucher: 2016 [Exclusive offer]

                What is Google Apps?

                Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps teams communicate, collaborate and get things done from anywhere and on any device. It's simple to set up, use and manage, so your business can focus on what really matters.
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                Enterprise-level management tools
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                Sunday, May 01, 2016

                Remove shortcut virus in USB Manually without software and Recovery files

                Most of us were struggling with the shortcut virus in our pen drives, where we store all our important files from basic images to top level project files. Whenever we face this problem most of you first tend to scan with antivirus which wont work. Then we search some software tools from online to resolve the problem which is time and internet data consuming. Instead of this you follow the below methods. 

                Let me clearly explain how to remove shortcut virus manually in Traditional way and my way.

                How to Remove shortcut virus in USB and Recover the files?

                Method 1:

                • First click on Start and then Run (Alternatively use Windows + R Key).
                • Now type cmd and hit Enter key.
                • Command Prompt opens. Now type the following code

                attrib -s -h -a -r /s /d h:*.*
                //Replace the drive name "h" with your affect pen drive or external hard disk name//

                • Now hit Enter and you will see the shortcut virus is removed.

                Method 2:

                Any of our friends will be using LINUX operating system go to their home insert your affect drive in their system. It reverses the process done by Virus. As exe files do not run on this Operating system.
                If this method did not work means you can try the below method.

                Method 3:

                • Open My Computer / This PC.
                • Select View in the tool bar above.
                • Click on Option and then select Change Folder and search option.
                • Folder option dialog box opens and now select view tab.
                • Scroll down and select Show hidden files.
                • Deselect Hide empty drives, Hide extensions, Hide Folder merge conflicts, Hide protected OS files.
                • Click Apply and then OK.

                • Open the affect drive and select the folder without name. Here you find files which had been hidden.
                • CUT all the files and folder and PASTE it where you need.
                • Delete the files such as desktop.ini , indexer volume and scrambled letters file. (use SHIFT+Delete)

                Method 4: 
                (not recommended as it is slow time consuming rather you can try Method 1 or Method 3)

                • Open the affect drive.
                • In the PC URL type the Shortcut Folder Name. 
                • Remove .ink in the end and hit enter.
                • There you can find all the files you need inside that folder.
                • CUT all the files and folder and PASTE it where you need.
                • Repeat the same process for all Folder.

                I hope these methods are enough to recovery files from shortcut virus. If you find any doubt or new method describe it in the comment section.
                *Images are from my old blog which is removed.

                Saturday, April 30, 2016

                Type Indian Rupee Sign using any Keyboard for Windows and Mac Users

                We have Rupee Sign in our keyboard and wondered how to use it, in our works. While others need it so much that they had to use in their documentation, billing and many things. I have explained the methods as simple as I can.

                Following are the steps you can follow to type the Rupee ₹ anywhere as u need.

                There are two methods to type ₹ symbol in your work.
                1. Without Language Update
                2. With Language Update

                Without Language Update:

                This method can be used in Microsoft Word and Word Pad alone. This works on Unicode characters.

                Type 20B9
                Press Alt+x  to display the symbol


                Press Alt+8377 to display the symbol

                *Alt mentioned here is Left Alt key
                *Both these ways are not applicable for browsers.

                With Language Update:

                This method can be used anywhere in your system. For Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server, the Microsoft had released update on May 2011 to support Rupee sign.

                For Windows 8 users:

                • Go to the Language Preference (can be found in bottom right corner near Time and Date)
                • Select on Add a Language.
                • Select English and scroll down

                • Select English(India).
                • Hit on Add button. The Indian version of English Language will be added to your system.

                Press Right Alt+4


                Press Ctrl+Alt+4

                *Ctrl+Alt+4 here Ctrl is Right Ctrl or CtrlGr and Alt is Left Alt.


                "iOS and Mac OS X Lion symbol can be found in Character viewer"

                For Mac OS X Mountain Lion symbol can follow as:

                Use Devanagari keyboard.

                Type Option/Alt+4.


                Indian Rupee Sign was designed by D.Udaya Kumar. This symbol looks like Devanagari Script "₹" ("ra").  The design was chosen from a public competition among Indian Residents by Government of India.

                The Old Rupee Sign ₨ can be typed by following the below steps:

                Type 20A8

                Press Alt+x to display the Symbol.
                *Images are from my old blog which is removed.

                Saturday, April 23, 2016

                BlueHost India Shared Hosting Review

                BlueHost is one of the oldest and most reputable shared hosting companies on the Internet. Here’s my view of BlueHost. 

                BlueHost shared hosting comes in three different packages and you can choose the one that is right for you according to your unique needs.

                • One website go for starter package.
                • Host multiple sites go for “plus” package.
                • If your needs include using HTTPS, go for the business pro package which comes with one dedicated I.P and SSL.
                TIP: If your website audience from India? Get 10x faster speeds by choosing India hosting.

                BlueHost is cheaper long-term (ie, after a year), and was always cheaper for what you get in features.

                BlueHost Pro plan pricing - for unlimited databases (important because that’s how many WordPress sites you’ll be able to install), unlimited storage, and domain mapping. 

                They will often discount if you register for a longer time period.


                BlueHost uses cPanel, which is so far one of the easiest hosting panels– which is the industry standard. 

                They have also added several educational options in addition to the big green Install WordPress button. 

                BlueHost is one of very few shared Web hosting companies which will allow you to access SSH.


                On a random check – Blue Host has a 3 second wait for phone support.

                Hosting Features

                BlueHost offers unlimited hosting resources

                This means that you can host unlimited files, and use unlimited bandwidth. Blue Host doesn’t limit them on the Plus plan.

                BlueHost has set 256 megabytes by default. 

                Another important feature of hosting is the memory limit – especially if you are setting up WordPress hosting.

                Sign Up-Bluehost WordPress Hosting

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                Wednesday, March 16, 2016

                Set of Question for final round of Interview - TCS, IBM, INFOSYS, CTS, WIPRO

                1. Tell me about yourself.
                2. What is Kernel mode and User mode.
                3. OSI layers in Network model and functions of each layer.
                4. Difference between Router, Hub and Switch.
                5. Difference between DBMS and RDBMS.
                6. Normalization, Normal forms and significance of Normalization.
                7. Different types of keys in Database.
                8. DDL and DML commands.
                9. Role of DBA.
                10. One SQL query (very easy).
                11. Different types of Operating systems.
                12. What is Object Oriented DBMS.
                13. About my Internship project.
                14. Database connection code in Spring MVC frame work. (From my internship)
                15. What is your role in Internship project. (Be prepare with this)
                16. Swap two variables using function
                17. Call by reference and call by value
                18. Where we use call by ref and call by value?
                19. What is array?
                20. What are different data types in c?
                21. What is difference between float and int?
                22. What is diffrence between c and c++?
                23. Tell me features or properties of oop?
                24. What is pointer, function pointer, volatile variables?
                25. Your strengths and weaknesses.
                26. Short term and Long term goal.
                27. Where do you see yourself after five years?
                28. Why should I hire you?
                29. Are you willing to work any where in India?
                30. Are you willing to work in night shifts?
                31. Do you know about TCS bond.
                32. What will be the output of the following?
                int i=5; i=i++ + i++ + i++ + i++ + i++;
                i=++i + ++i + ++i + ++i + ++i ;
                printf("%d, i);

                33.Project explanation
                34.Whats primary key
                35.Whats foreign key
                36.Write and show me querry of projects
                37.Cpp polymorphism
                38.Virtual object

                39.What is class
                41.Resume subject of interest questions
                42.Implement os in kernel space And explain
                43.Exp architecture of monitor
                44.Steps that takes place from boot to startup
                45.Diff between XML and HTML
                46.What a Kernel
                47.Why it used
                48.Types of OS

                For PG candidate:
                1) Tell me about urself.
                2) Why you joined M.Tech/M.E?
                3) What are the subjects in M.Tech/M.E?
                4) What difference you find in M.Tech
                /M.E and B-Tech?
                5) Why there is 1year gap between B-Tech and M.Tech/M.E?
                In my application I kept I know C, Java, sql & pl/sql?
                6) What are datastructures?
                7) What are collections in java?
                8) What is stored procedure?
                9) He asked about my project and I explained him he asked questions in that for about 10mins?
                10) What are the technologies you learnt?
                11) What are exceptions in java?
                12) What is sdlc lifecycle?
                13) What is rdbms. And mention some softwares you use for rdbms?
                14) What are innerjoins and outerjoins?

                Monday, February 29, 2016

                Partial Solar Eclipse at India To Maximum Eclipse at Pacific Ocean - 9th March 2016

                This year Solar Eclipse will be partially visible for Indians on 9th March, 2016. The total time duration visible from Kolkata,India is 1 hour, 24 minutes.

                Partial Eclipse for Kolkata begins on Wed, 9 March 2016, 5:26 A.M. and ends by 6:50 A.M.

                The Partial Eclipse are visible at Eastern India, Southern China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Korea, Japan, Canada and Australia.

                The First location of Full Eclipse begins and view able at Singapore, Jakarta, Palangkaraya, Indonesia and Mabu.

                Jakarta   07:15 AM, Mar 9,2016
                UTC      00:15 AM, Mar 9,2016
                India      05:45 AM, Mar 9,2016

                Full Maximum Solar Eclipse is visible at Pacific Ocean.

                Tokyo    11:59 AM, Mar 9,2016
                UTC      01:59 AM, Mar 9,2016
                India      07:29 AM, Mar 9,2016

                The Last Location to see Partial Eclipse are
                Anchorage, Alaska, USA and
                Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

                Hawaii  06:34 PM, Mar 8,2016
                UTC     04:34 AM, Mar 9,2016
                India     10:04 AM, Mar 9,2016

                *UTC means Coordinated Universal Time.
                *Image courtesy  timeanddate.com

                Sunday, February 14, 2016

                Baahubali going to make another overseas record in China

                Baahubali magnum opus of S.S. Rajamouli is going to hit another another big screen release in China.

                Initial plan of release was this month but due to dates unavailability it is going to be released in May.

                It is going to exceed the PK movie which was released in 5000 screens.

                Already Bahubali had been sold over many International screens covering Japan and Latin America.

                Second part of the film is in progress which is expected to hit at last part of this year and first part of next year.

                YouTube effect on Kollywood

                Recent years the Box office of a movie is decided by the trailers and teaser which go viral on YouTube. The most recent virals were Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada song and Theri teaser.

                The Theri Teaser has crossed more than 2 millions view on the first day and now it crossed 6 million+ views creating a record in Indian Industry. Kollywood and Bollywood monetize the videos and make it a source of income. For Kollywood its a secondary source of income.

                Recent studies report that Bollywood and Kollywood Industry relation with YouTube had increased in the past 3 years drastically.

                BYE BYE PICASA

                On Friday, Google corporation told that it is going to discontinue the Picasa Photo Management Tool service. Google Photos chief told that google is going to maintain a Single Photo service rather than two and focus better.

                Where will the Picasa user go?
                The Picasa user can now login into Google Photos and their Picasa photos will be there. This option is only for Mobile users. Desktop version will come soon.

                Retirement of Picasa: March 15,2016
                But the Web album service is extended till May 1,2016.