Saturday, March 08, 2014

Google gfe_rd=cr&ei= URL Mystery Revealed


What is  gfe_rd=cr&ei= ?

            It just a cookie link redirected to your browser based on the country.

      For past few months when we type it redirects us to our country site mentioning as
with that an extra query like structure will be there.
like one of these

Here in ?gfe_rd=cr&ei=
gfe means Google Front-End,
rd means Redirect,
cr means Country.
(till this you can find in all websites)
 And the final ei means Engine Id and also some random combination of numbers and letters is a cookie sent to our desktop..

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Google Front-End  

provide Gmail, Calendar, Picasa Web Albums, Docs, Blogger, orkut, Reader and many other services.


How to Remove this from your browser?

Google Chrome:

          Settings -> Appearance->Show Home Button -> Change it to or

Mozilla Firefox:

          Tools->Options-> General tab->Homepage-> Change it to or

Internet Explorer:

          Tools->Internet Options-> Homepage-> Change it to or

What is /ncr? 

                From other sites i got this information as no country redirect.and it'll take you back to the regular,   English-speaking without all the local results. But its not have any major effect.

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  1. great, this helped a lot, thanks

  2. Hello

    I've got an issue... maybe... my homepage is set to but my browser opens two windows when I click it, first one is and the second is

    I've no idea how to stop this, I'm sure it never used to and can't think why it started.

    1. if you are using chrome means
      go to settings->on startup-> click on Open a specific page or set of pages.
      and click set pages there you can delete the unwanted startup pages

  3. Cookies cookies cookies... I'm really &%$# of cookies >:O


  5. Thanks. I was wandering that I was hacked :)

    1. s/wandering that/wondering if/

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  7. I got the following strange page. No matter which google site I type in (,, etc. ), I got this same strange page. Please help.
    �\# ����A �Y=�H]����_ �M|��|��K����2L�H��H �jS'�Mng ���u�t� s8�s 0����6� �Pw3 ��S1GQ Cb��,Fc������oV�;B8}M�q�aD�~81$X� JZ&�P �1)5��m�h_dտߛ���&�� �F3�S@ �ۀH�{�}��n������T�4U�v������sϽ�z�u�(�Zj���r��i��f�Y?�� �Ỳ p� w�0SCS �̠ 2��!M۩� , du����=[ B Y� �=�&��Ղ������1T�ٻ ~�yd} Ӗm�=U� QQS� I �?� :�/3�fW��� ���m��x?⍣�f>z?~Su�� �{�ُ�^gf�]7 ��f��z�? ���J�ڴ q^�3�H ����f����<�u�\R��T=ќ�� e�j�8W��~F]}����y�#{���[eK� �R^ � ���6��U����n'K�Vf *v�~ɡ)g�� _�{���u��l��\'i'�"�K&=����Ϯ��Q4 ��<�GǓr�O몋mw� or^� � *N�IR��Q� �� � i� sD��� �W�,є�I41�4��"� �� 4����N㬼�bY�$�k'E^iތ�p� ��%�������� ��(.dc��� em�i٣�1�]���5MW��< j�ӊ� �I4~+붛-��� tJ�3Q���Ig����{ + ^xNd�� 7 vN�� HcSʖ� U�K 1�`; 3u ��lB�6Y˽� �x9 �-Fb���E��R "� �pR�H�� U ����>�] ��0 ��� 'Х� J��P�܁g��-��� W���N�ꓝWT(Ѝ'���q2-�Z�%o�H@� ��"�P���(��+��� Ώ����`QJ4� �f� ��!��I���$ 5Ǖ �� D��V� �8 �ؒ1 6�㜍W�٨3�g�Y �=Q� �� (���� ���E� '��>�F��= < �?�$/3 ���9|�.� hC�� ��<��� 9�H8!��� �^�� �g�vV^e�ٮ��M A������4�l|w] ����$ �fIC �92;�)� ̗��5M�� � P� �E.Y �����G�ɂ���K�\��ƄL ��늲 8�MiS?%�4 ��M ��\ң��u ���(�C���o����5 �,� 0���3H�d���t��g'��! ㋣? P � �j� [� �R�q}B�� <@��t �hVz�� �X $�@t�� �)�-�� �@*�O A�3���cwى� �(jlK��������3. {N�� * 5��g*p��� MD� ��?(�ɱ���< �$�F� �lo'e�D �����������y�� Ί}۔Yfl��:&:�b� 7�Rϓ����FXK��� ��y�am Ħ��� n �@�-�Wz� n�*d� SD�I��+c $~ �#��drQ 2B �� ��=�r�oi�&�̽�L z�w Dh(��܉�>P��&|�~��� �� < ��^�d�9Q�� �m~` �Q�Z �� qda��x��#Q�[D�TϤ���P&��U IuKџ���< ��µ�$I քP6 �Q ��ԇ���0(� ب�aMWl'��tݩ� � !X sq�D �� �+�� L � } D�- ��A� c�� �?>aI0� 2 �v��ll5��q ��{�5bg�d ��-�J� �\! 捩�;�`E ���� �b� V��۽���z� � ���8�� ����ک�I��h}�]a�F�Ϗa" �1n ֭���� �߂ �☘� |�cHS����Z?�W;�QPT0� �9-�L!gE�9�G� �) �!�>'m�(֮ �j�xo0�}?9zW�((,��p�qH��ً �K �h� Z��h!��8 Y�*GY��Њ�������ِ� ���C X� �]�����r � $� ���G� �ߛFG�� �